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Yes, it's the famous Closet Case Ginger Jeans, the high-waisted skinny jeans that took the internet of sewing by storm a few years ago.

I had wanted to try these for a while, I tried on a pair of high-waisted jean in Madewell in New York City last November (the Tuesday that enough people voted for Donald Trump that he became president in fact) and I really liked them. It was a new style to me I loved the way they felt and they, well, sucked the whole floppy tummy situation in.

I didn't buy them, they were about $200 and I knew I could have a go at making them myself, but then didn't get around to it for another eight months. I got it all cut out and then left it a few more months before sewing.

The denim is the nicest I've used, a soft, stretchy cotton from Potter Textiles in Perth. It's so stretchy I actually think I could have gone a size down for these jeans and they do stretch out a fair bit after a day of wear, but I'm happy enough with these for a first v…

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